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Intelligent Transport Systems

Bachelor study programme is taught in Czech language only.


Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are modern information and communication systems which reflect impossibility of ceaseless extension of physical traffic infrastructure and bring alternative approaches to achieving decrease of traffic congestion, lowering the travel times, increase of traffic safety and reliability, reduction of environmental impacts and better transport systems efficiency. Without these systems we can hardly imagine future development of traffic and integration of transport systems into larger, more complex systems. The development of intelligent transport systems creates an increasing demand for ITS professionals able to design, create, control and assess these systems.

The aim of ITS study field is to provide adequate higher education in a quickly evolving area facing a lack of qualified professionals. Graduates of bachelor study will acquire basic traffic-technical knowledge and detailed understanding of transport systems, their components and upcoming development.

Graduates can find employment as designers or operators of transport systems, transport specialists in both the private and public sectors, transport supervisors of telematic systems, specialists in design of in-vehicle technologies and their smart systems.

ITS bachelor study programme is taught in Czech language only. ITS graduates can follow on their study in master study program Intelligent Transport Systems which has both Czech and English alternates, with possibility of obtaining the degree diploma from abroad partner universities in Austria and Sweden. – see master study

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